• Calcio Balilla 2.0 Customizable

    Innovative and modern table football model "cristal soccer evergreen" with a unique and innovative design that reflects the characteristic dictates of the forty-five┬░ line. Its regular shape, characterized by details and shapes at 45┬░ angles as well as the refinement of every detail, make it a truly unique and original piece of furniture.

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  • Calcio balilla 2 0 personalizzabile


    This version is characterized by a game plan with hd quality synthetic grass which takes into account chromatic filaments which faithfully reproduce a natural turf for a surprisingly realistic effect.

    The white plexiglass inlays simulate the lines of the field by correctly defining the playing areas and, thanks to the thickness of the same, a 3d effect of the entire surface is obtained. This result is further amplified thanks to a correct distance that creates an interchamber, between the game plan and the underlying theme. Each kicker is the result of a skilful assembly that respects original characteristics and shapes and is characterized by personalized football tops that can be instantly interchangeable thanks to a magnetized support.

    In addition, this model of ours, for which the best materials are used and each component is expertly assembled, is characterized by a totally italian craftsmanship which has, as its sole purpose, the attention to detail.

  • perfectly done

    Art has always been a source of inspiration for all our projects:

    creativity, ingenuity, intuition and imagination are active engines in achieving the final result.

    every detail is carefully evaluated and studied in detail: this has led us to the design and production of components,

    suitable for the overall construction of the structure, for which we have proceeded to deposit the protection of the model:

    • The calcino as a whole has a deposit no. 402021000001262 at the ministry of economic development.
    • The brackets-support angular deposit no. 402020000003599 at the ministry of economic development.

    Each component absolutely takes into account factors at play such as resistance, efficiency and usefulness without forgetting the conditions without which the final overall result would be disregarded: that is, an innovative design with a completely made in italy identity.

    All our models have a length of 140 cm, depth 65 cm (117 cm at the slats) and 90 cm high.

  • Calcianti con maglie intercambiabili

  • customizable kicker

    Each kicker is made through a skilful union of plexiglass shapes which, assembled, form a figure with a unique and innovative design.

    This composite system allows to give life to an extremely resistant and performing structure which acts, on the ball, with the same forces in play as the usual standard kickers.

    In front of the structure are applied small metal square shapes through which it is possible to interchange, in an immediate way, the "meshes" on which to reproduce miniaturized customizations such as, coats of arms, logos, numbers, names, colors and much more.

    No screw, designed to stop the kicker to the chrome bar, is visible.

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Download catalog [pdf]

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