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  • Luxury Forty Five

    The Luxury Forty-Five® collection is a collection of exclusive products of high quality and innovative design, characterized by a totally made in italy production, made entirely of plexiglass.

    The workers who give life to each model, boast an extraordinary experience in relation to the knowledge of the materials to be used, considerations on the dynamics and solutions of the design.

    The ideas and shapes of the forty-five luxury line come to life in the li laboratory where, located a few kilometers from the historic center of Prato, innovation and tradition meet to give life to new forms.

  • Stemma

  • Calcio balilla 2 0 personalizzabile


    Innovative and modern table football model "cristal soccer evergreen" with a unique and innovative design that reflects the characteristic dictates of the Luxury Forty-Five® line. Its regular shape, characterized by details and shapes at 45° angles as well as the refinement of every detail, make it a truly unique and original piece of furniture.

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  • Coffee Table

    It comes from the fusion of design and entertainment: class and dynamism are enclosed in a concentration of technique and dynamism, where every detail is considered according to the overall vision. in a simple and intuitive way, it is transformed from a normal coffee table, with an upper support surface and a magazine shelf below, to a minifootballtable.

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  • Coffee table

  • Table basse 2 0

    enigma enterprise

    How can a coffee table become the protagonist of a set of furniture where different styles, shapes and volumes coexist?

    Banfi, putting this dilemma first, has designed this extraordinary "table basse" which contains...

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  • Table Roulette
    Casinò Royale

    In the unmistakable style of the Luxury Forty-Five® lines, where each creation is designed to interact with the surrounding environment, the "roulette royal" is born, that is a table basse which preserves, within its structure, a prestigious mahogany wood roulette which, not only best interprets the combination of plexiglass and wood, between modern and classic, but it allows you to entertain guests with one of the most legendary table games.

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  • Chessboard 2 0

  • Chessboard 2.0

    This chessboard, on which the protection of the model is placed at no. 402021000001262 at the ministry of economic development, uses materials of exceptional quality which, in the overall view, give an extremely modern and revolutionary appearance.

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